"My number one goal is the eternal salvation of my children and all those that I love.  Even though our family has always had daily worship as well as been heavily involved  in church programs for our children, it wasn't until I enrolled them in Mauna Loa School that I began to see major leaps in their spiritual development.  For some reason it seems that daily spiritual mentoring by teachers, in addition to my husband and myself, is vital to our children's spiritual growth.

In addition to spiritual growth, my children have blossemed academically.  They have thrived on the individualized lesson plans that are possible at Mauna Loa School.  Also, because of the multi-grade classroom setting, they are also developing teaching skills by helping the younger children in their classroom.  I am grateful to Mauna Loa School, the dedicated teachers, and the Adventist Education modal that has promoted an excellent environment for my children!" - Cami Weber


"My children attend preschool and kindergarten at MLS.  The teachers are caring and very supportive.  They meet every morning to pray before the children arrive.  My children love going to school and they are excelling academically." - Parent


"Since attending Mauna Loa School, my son's national composite test score rose from 34 percentile to 86 percentile.  His math score rose from 25 percentile to 85 percentile.  His science score this year was 98 percentile." - Parent